Event and Travel Documents

Here are some things to help make your trip organized!

Bus trips and traveling can be extremely confusing and messy. Here are some things to keep in mind to stay organized!

Send in a normal budget request with a quote from this vendor

Spread the word! Market it out to the student body and make sure it reaches the targetted audience. Make sure students are aware of this opportunity. You can do that by reaching out to the USG Chief of Communications at Hartford.usg-chiefofcommunications@uconn.edu, or the Student Activities Coordinator at mubera.becirovic@uconn.edu. Posting it on the TVs around the building and tabling it in the Atrium works wonders as well.

Students can then sign-up if interested! Here is a template for a sign-up sheet: Bus Trip Sign Up Template

Make sure you keep an organized record of who is going to be attending and their information. Attendance Sheet

Students can fill out an acknowledgment of risk form, and if they have any questions regarding the trip, they are welcome to ask! Assumption of Risk Form

Safe Travelling!