"The mission of the Undergraduate Student Government is to enrich the lives of the Undergraduate Student Body through advocacy and programming.  We will strive to help student organizations reach their fullest potential through new and continuing initiatives, programs, and resources.  We will strive to enhance the educational, social, and cultural opportunities at the University of Connecticut, Hartford campus.  We will strive to foster an inclusive and collaborative culture of engagement."

Undergraduate Student Government | Hartford

Phone: 959.200.3880
Address: Hartford Times Building
Student Activities, Room 202D
10 Prospect Street
Hartford, CT 06103

Upcoming Events

  1. Aug 26 Welcome Day12:00am
  2. Aug 27 Taco Tuesday12:00pm
  3. Aug 27 GSO Executive Meeting1:30pm
  4. Aug 28 Welcome Convocation Reception12:00pm
  5. Aug 29 Carnival Day12:00pm
  6. Aug 30 USG Trip to Launch7:00pm
  7. Aug 31 Trip to NYC8:30am
  8. Sep 3 Involvement Fair 201911:30am
  9. Sep 3 GSO Steering Committee1:30pm
  10. Sep 4 Graduate Business Infosessions - Downtown Hartford Campus5:30pm