"The mission of the Undergraduate Student Government is to enrich the lives of the Undergraduate Student Body through advocacy and programming.  We will strive to help student organizations reach their fullest potential through new and continuing initiatives, programs, and resources.  We will strive to enhance the educational, social, and cultural opportunities at the University of Connecticut, Hartford campus.  We will strive to foster an inclusive and collaborative culture of engagement."

Schedule Information

All meetings are open to the public and are subject to change throughout the year

Meeting Time Location
USG Wednesdays 2:30-4:30 HTB 216
Student Affairs Wednesdays 12:15-1:15 HTB 150
Communications Fridays 9-10 HTB 139
Finance Monday 9-10 HTB 209
Programming Fridays 2:15-3:15 HTB 140

Social Media

Undergraduate Student Government | Hartford

Phone: 959.200.3880
Address: Hartford Times Building
Student Activities, Room 202D
10 Prospect Street
Hartford, CT 06103

Upcoming Events

  1. Jul 21 Impact Of Crisis: Helping Our Clients Through Helping Ourselves10:00am
  2. Jul 30 Trauma-Informed Care In The Age Of COVID-191:00pm
  3. Aug 3 Marijuana: Miracle Drug Or The Devils Lettuce?1:00pm

Currently the Vice President and Chief Communication Officer positions will both be temporarily filled by USG members, as any vacant seats in USG will not be permanently filled until the fall. As we go through this process we will work to communicate as much as we can and in a timely manner. Please contact USG with any questions or concerns. Stay safe and be well. ...

There will be a USG meeting tonight at 7:30. The link will either be in the bio or on the story. We are still trying to figure it out. Thank you. ...

Shoutout to all of the graduated students from all campuses! ...