Create a Club

The University of Connecticut has a three-tier System to organize and identify registered student organizations. The system reflects the variety of purposes, funding sources, and level of planned activity. Student can join one of our 40+ clubs on campus or they create their own. Anyone can be a member of your club, but only UConn Hartford undergraduate fee-paying students can vote, hold executive board member positions and must make up more than 50% of your overall membership.

Tier I organizations are simple associations of students who engage in low-risk activities, and basically need space to meet (do not host events), and do not rely on/seek funding. No advisor or constitution required, email your availability to start the process.

Tier II organizations have a greater level of organization structure, can host events, engage in more visible and higher risk activities, and can seek funding. If interested in creating a Tier II organization, email the following information to to start the process.

  • Choose a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.
  • Select a UConn Hartford faulty or staff advisor who will show an active, sustained interest in your group.
  • Draft a Constitution. View a sample constitution.

Tier III is supported by fees collected directly from the students, provide engagement and involvement opportunities to those students who pay the fee i.e. Undergraduate Student Government (USG).


If you wish to create a club, set up a meeting with Vice President