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A little bit of history about USG Hartford!

The Undergraduate Student Government (USG hereafter) at the University of Connecticut, Hartford Campus has existed in various forms and under different names since 1974. For more than forty (40) years, our mission, demographics, and needs have continued to evolve.

From 1974-2004 the Hartford Campus offered only general education courses for first- and second- year students. During that period, USG served primarily as a campus-wide programming board. In 2004, the Hartford Campus began offering four-year degree programs, the enrollment of upper class students burgeoned, helping to mark a substantial shift and increase in the number of students and student clubs/groups who today are referred to as registration student organizations (RSOs).

In Fall 2017, the Hartford Campus  relocated from West Hartford to downtown Hartford, joining the neighborhood of the Hartford Public Library, City Hall, and Wadsworth Atheneum. The relocation to a newly built campus was an inflection point in our campus’s evolution. Now situated in the urban setting of Hartford, the new location and campus generated excitement, a visionary mission, an increased demand for resources due to higher enrollments of students, and an increasing level of involvement and engagement. The USG’s mission and activities strived to complement the administration’s goals to meet the new demands for student engagement. At a peak of more than 30 RSOs, whom the USG funds, we estimated one in every three undergraduates were actively involved in student clubs.

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