Budget Request Form

How to fill out a Budget Request:

Step 1: Go to Manage on the top right and click on your Organization’s Tab in UCONNTACT.




Step 2: Hover over your RSO’s profile picture until you see this settings icon, then click on that to reveal the menu to move further. 



Step 3: Scroll all the way down and click on the “Finance” tab. (Or on the updated version, when you hover over your RSO’s profile picture on the left-hand side, click on the setting to pull up the menu, then click on “Finance”)



Step 4: Click on the blue “Create Request” and click again on the “Create Budget Request”


Step 5: To request funding from Hartford USG, Scroll down to where it says “Hartford USG Funding/Purchase Request” which is for Tier II organizations at UConn Hartford Campus only! (Click on the “Budget Request Information”)


Step 6: Fill out your Request title AND a well thought out and thorough description of your request.


Step 7: Click Next, Check ALL the boxes and fill out your name/email address as shown in the picture below.


Step 8: DO NOT forget to select what this request is for.

Step 9: Put in the following information based on what the form asks you for.


Step 10: Time for the actual Budget form. Fill out all the sections in BLUE that matter to your request and make sure to not mess with the cost amounts and anything with a $ symbol. Where it says “Amount for this section must total $0,” it must, otherwise your form will NOT submit and to add to the section, click “add item”!!

Note: The total amount on the “requested total” needs to = the account you are asking for just to ensure if it is correct or not.

Step 10.5: For example, LEAVE the numbers/costs for this $0 BUT complete the Line Item/Name/Description portion. Include your roster in this section. (where it says “Line Item Category,” make sure to click the drop-down menu and select whatever information you are inputting.)


Step 11: NOW, under the blue section called “Vendors,” click on “Add Item.” Input your vendors, where you are getting your items, how much each item is, how much you are getting, and the total: (i.e. AMAZON, Blue Hat with Green Bow; 14 pack. Buying 13 total = $340.89)

**TIP: to make it easier for you, put everything in ONE google doc, download that PDF, and submit it. (makes it easier to submit and easier for the committee to view the request)


  • Itemized: Used to submit the total denomination of the items/supplies you need.
  • Invoice: This is what you click to submit the main quote document but the value for this is still $0
    • If supplies are not from AMAZON, the quote needs to be tax-exempt.
  • Additional Document: Here, include any screenshots, or proof of additional quotes they collected.
    • Additional quotes (such as for Amazon) should be compared to (GMA) for apparel, catering, etc.


Step 12: Once all your information is inputted, click SUBMIT and make sure everything is completed. (if you have a flyer for the event, make sure to add it to “EVENT INFORMATION.” If you have any questions, email USG FINANCE ONLY: hartford.usg-treasurer@uconn.edu)